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At_Hogwarts is a new game out there for serious, dedicated role players! (Since there are so many communities and personal journals, the best way to play is off the Moderators' friends list. ;)

It's a slash-friendly (but NOT all-slash), adult rpg set just after the trio's 7th year at Hogwarts. Backstory can be found here.

The information (rules, characters wanted, and how to apply) are linked on the userinfo page for one of the communities: at_hogwarts, at_hogsmeade, at_diagon_alley, at_owlsandnews, or on the maintainer's info page at_mods.

We've got a great cast of players/characters signed up, so please come and play!

at_hogwarts! Come check us out! at_hogwarts!

Any character without a strike through their name on this page, and most especially those that fit into these categories:

-Death Eaters (Lestrange, Bellatrix, etc.)
-OotP members (Molly Weasley, Mundungus, etc.)
-Ghosts (James Potter, Nearly Headless Nick, etc.)
-Alumni (Oliver Wood, Katie Bell, etc.)

We're also looking to beef up our recently ex-student population. We've got some great DE plots coming up, so go check us out and apply! The war's started. Are you brave enough?
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